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List of recommended Star Trek:2009 fanfiction, sorted by trope.

Note: Will also contain short excerpts. And none of these lists are anywhere near finished. I'll regularly add to them, though, since these lists primarily exist to make the hunt for specific stories in my bookmarks easier for me.

Last update: March 07, 2011.
Rec count overall: 1096
Actual listed story count: 953
in 43 trope lists

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Updated lists marked with:

Category: Don't Eat/Drink While Reading

Category: Humor

Trope: Academy Days

Trope: Aliens Made Them Do It/Not Do It

Trope: Alternate Dimensions

Trope: Amanda Survives

Trope: Back From the Dead

Trope: Based on TOS episode/scene

Trope: Childhood of Canon Characters

Trope: Crossover & Fusion

Trope: De-aged!Character

Trope: Enterprise as Family

Trope: Epics

Trope: Gen Stories

Trope: Genderswap

Trope: Holidays

Trope: Kirk Prime

Trope: Kirk/Spock: 3rd-person POV

Trope: Kobayashi Maru

Trope: K/S/U Triangle With Resentment

Trope: K/S/U Triangle Without Resentment

Trope: Married With Kids

Trope: Meet the Family

Trope: Meeting as Kids/Teenagers

Trope: Mirror Universe AOS

Trope: Missing Scenes Explored

Trope: Mission Gone Wrong

Trope: Ouch, My Heart!

Trope: Outed: Accidentally/On Purpose

Trope: Pets

Trope: Q in the TOS/AOS Timeline

Trope: Smart!Kirk

Trope: Someone/Everyone (Over)protective of Chekov

Trope: Someone/Everyone (Over)protective of Kirk

Trope: Spock as a Vulcan hero/role model/leader

Trope: Tarsus IV

Trope: Teacher Kirk and/or Spock

Trope: The Mindmeld Gave Me Feelings

Trope: Transformation

Trope: Vulcan Customs and Physiology

Trope: WAFF/Fluff/Schmoop

Trope: Wedding & Bonding

Trope: Star Trek:TOS Episode/Movie Tag
(Yes, these are not Star Trek:2009 fanfic, but they should be interesting for anyone who liked the list Based on TOS episode/scene.)

(stories not listed here on dreamwidth, but rather over at delicious)

Other Categories:
Denial, Pining, Jealousy, Oblivious!Character, Matchmaking, Possessiveness, Ponfarr & Bonding, Unusual Career

Trope: Established Relationship
(only a list, no details yet)

Trope & Rec Suggestions From You

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Date: 2011-05-07 01:27 pm (UTC)
littlebirdtoldme: (Default)
From: [personal profile] littlebirdtoldme
Great reclist! A lot of my favourite stories are recced here (many I haven't thought about in ages) and even some I don't think I've read. You have quite a collection. :-) Thank you; your effort is greatly appreciated. <3 This will go to my memories. I'm looking forward to making my way through some of the stories on this list. :)

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